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Serving all of Central Illinois and Western Indiana

Why Choose Gutter Buddy from Danlee?

  • Proven louvered design blocks out debris "maple seeds, leaves, pine needles" from entering your gutter

  • Strongest cover available

  • No nails or screws put into your roof which could cause leaks.

  • Rust free aluminum

  • Fits new and existing gutters

  • Wide color selection

  • Improves the appearance of your home

  • We specialize in gutter protection - we are the experts!

  • 21 Years of trouble free service - established in 1996

  • Proven record of reliable dependable performance.  We have never had a customers gutter clog up again!

  • Hundreds of local customers

  • No more gutter cleaning - guaranteed

  • Buy with confidence - actually try it before you buy it!

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